Unveiling is a process, slowly the layers being removed to reveal the core truths. How can we expect to not have been influenced by the words and descriptions that our system has been feeding us from day one? When you are told from childhood what is real, the rules you need to follow, the life plans to fulfillment and happiness, to go against them requires a complete rewiring. Especially when it is continually reaffirmed by the social “realities” fed to you every day.

I have been a seeker and outlier since I was young. Raised to see reality as a construct of our mind, that the truth is in spirit and not matter. But I still had no idea how far that would go. The more things have continued to become unveiled, the more the system dissolves and my own power becomes more important. You are more important than they let you believe. Go behind the curtain by questioning everything.


As do many often used statements, “Question Everything” has more meaning the deeper you go, and it’s something that you really have to put into use to understand. Put everything to the test. How many lies do you believe because “everyone knows it’s true”. Is it possible that they are not true? Just ask yourself that… when presented with something as fact, ask if it’s possible it could not be true. Dive a little deeper and ask what the motivation may be behind the message.

What stories are we being told that keep us from experiencing harmony and joy? Question it. Trust your heart, your gut, your soul. Don’t accept the idea that any one outside of your life can present a truth to you that you don’t feel inside. Own your own truth by questioning outside influences. If their purpose is not a goal that serves your own reality, release it. Find the untruths or the possibility of untruths and let their fake chains fall from your hands. Live life in your way, question everything and discover your own answers.

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