About Me:

I am Lauren.
I live in Colorado.
I grew up in Novato, California, and have also spent time living in Orlando, Florida.
I have degrees in Recording Arts and Music Business and have an irrational Love for Electronic Music. I write about it for FRISKY.
I also love animals, reading, yoga, mountains, oceans, riding horses, exploring, wandering, and the sun. And lots of other stuff.
I believe in Love & Oneness. Of living in the moment & being kind.
I don’t like trying to describe myself.


About Solefield:

I’ve been into photography for 10 years, as my creative escape and way to share a piece of myself. Solefield has been the name of this venture.

I love capturing moments through a camera and creating realities through processing, with an aim to share the beauty of the life in every perspective. This website is a collection of my photos weaved together with words, my own and those of others, with the purpose of bringing my experience to like-minded explorers, seekers & dreamers.

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