FRISKY Talk 004: Nick Muir


Nick Muir’s influence on the evolution of underground electronic music is incomparable. His experience as a musician, skill in the studio, and unstoppable passion for the emerging world of electronic music helped create a progressive revolution. Working with John Digweed, their Bedrock project redefined the sound that was coming from the underground, and became the soundtrack for a new generation of music lovers unlike anything before.

Fans of electronic music history will love to hear Nick Muir’s stories, as he talks about the first time he and John Digweed were in the studio, what it was like to be a part of the evolving rave scene in the UK, and how the music industry reacted to this new and uncontrollable phenomenon. Those who love music philosophy will enjoy Nick’s perspective on what is special about the transitions between records, the relationship we have with computers, what we experience when listening to a DJ, and how rhythm relates to time.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to have spoken with Nick Muir, and hope that you enjoy the wisdom, stories, and passion that he has to share. You will also hear some excerpts from his excellent productions from throughout the years, from Bedrock to EDM (Tune in, you’ll see. ;)). Thank you for listening and please feel free to comment below and keep this conversation going.