FRISKY Talk 010: Ryan Sullivan


Ryan Sullivan has been a vital part of South Africa’s Progressive scene for many years, always finding a way to help other artists release their music to the world, while busy producing his own tracks, and sharing it all through his work as DJ. His label Triplefire has become known around the world as a representation of the variety and quality that comes from the Underground of South Africa, while his Triplefire FRISKY show features his own creative and distinctive style. His unique vision, hard work, and dedication to the music has helped Ryan stand out within the industry, and there’s much more still to come.

We cover a wonderful range of subjects in this conversation, and Ryan gives some great advice on succeeding creatively within the studio, while also giving insight into his process as a producer and a DJ. We get an inside look into the history of South Africa’s “Progressive” scene, what makes for a great groove, and what’s coming up next for himself and Triplefire. There’s a lot on the horizon, and you’ll want to stay tuned.