FRISKY Talk 016: Forerunners


As the industry encourages the rapid production of new tracks, and music’s shelf life seems to be shrinking every day, it’s always refreshing to find a producer to whom quality outweighs quantity, and timelessness takes precedence over trendiness. Forerunners embodies that spirit; his intention of creating something special that captures the essence of what started him in the music has led to a string of stand out tracks on renowned labels such as Sudbeat, Pure Progressive, Perfecto, Suffused, Silk Music and more. He also recently announced a stellar new release on Tripswitch’s onedotsixtwo, which will be hitting the ground during ADE week, and features a remix by Tripswitch & Hernan Cattaneo.

It was a pleasure to discuss some of the methods and meanings behind the music that he creates, and to learn more about how he got started, why he took a break, and what brought him back into the studio and behind the decks again. I loved his advice for new producers, his perspective on progressive, and his insight into the creative process. It was a wonderful all around talk, and I hope you enjoy listening.

Lauren KriegerComment