Cirque Noir Scorpion Unleashes in Los Angeles and Houston

irque Noir, the mysterious and magical dark circus will be covering new ground this November, traveling west to their second home in LA while exploring a new avenue in their native Houston. It’s an exciting time in their wild world, directing the energy that has been building during their Summer break into two events that embrace the spirit of Scorpio. Intense, sexy, and powerful, Cirque Noir’s Scorpion events will be capturing the essence of the sign and creating incomparable experiences that engage all of the senses.

The multi-sensory, immersive, timeless moment is what the Cirque Noir story is all about. To create these moments requires transporting the participants to unexplored territory through a combination of music, space, visuals, and vibe. Inspired by experimental, deep, and transformational sounds, Cirque Noir features DJs and artists who excel through creativity and distinction, their place under the circus tent fitting of a strange and magical sonic expedition.

The surreal circus tent that surrounds the DJ sets the scene for the visual senses, the focal point of an all-encompassing experience that begins with the locations chosen for each event. While Cirque Noir has had a home base at their wonderful abandoned post office, the time for something new has come, and their next location will provide even more space for curious crowds. In Los Angeles they will be revealing another fresh location, one that will also be larger than anything they have done in LA before. As of now it’s a secret, but get your tickets and you’ll be the first to know.

While the locations may be new, the experience will be Cirque Noir at its best; from early evening to early morning your emotions will be engaged with a variety of entertainment that includes circus performers, fire dancers, aerialists, and “vibe makers” who transport you out of the ordinariness of a usual day and into the mystery and magic of a night at Cirque Noir. Hiring only local artists, from the flyer design to the 3D mapping of the buildings, the essence of Los Angeles and Houston is contained in each piece of the greater story. These are nights you will never forget.