Lem Springsteen Explores Intimate Spaces as Meltonix

One of the most powerful and important roles of music is its ability to help us address our emotions, providing the soundtrack for an inward journey to access or express what we need most in that moment. For Lem Springsteen, that role came to life through Meltonix, his latest creative avenue in a long and renowned career as musician, producer, and more. With the release of his first album as Meltonix, “St. Elsewhere”, Lem brings to light meaningful emotional expressions from deep within, while inviting listeners to find their own message from its personal story. As he shared with us, “In this album project I hope my initial feelings of despair, which I tried to mature, gives the listener feelings of relaxation, reflection and of course sensuality.”

While this is the beginning of Meltonix, Lem Springsteen is a name familiar to many in the house music world; as half of the duo Mood II Swing he has remixed around 300 tracks and over 100 originals, their work renowned by major and independent labels alike. Signed to EMI Music Publishing in London, his name has been on projects with artists like Ultra Naté and Janet Jackson, and has appeared on many compilation albums and several soundtracks. In 2010 Lem established the Urban Lounge Music imprint, releasing music from artists like Joi Cardwell, Vanessa Daou, and Lea-Lorien. While his work behind the scenes has reached much acclaim, his artistic side comes to the forefront again with the release of “St. Elsewhere”: “a hybrid of intimate spaces between sensuous ambient electronic, melancholic R&B, cosmic future jazz and deep nocturnal House.”