John Kasahn: 7 Years of Telling Timeless Tales

For almost 7 years, John Kashan has been sharing his Timeless message. On the 7th of December he’s celebrating his FRISKY Anniversary with a mix that represents what his show has been, and always will be, all about. Timeless captures more than the what’s current and trendy, but takes a dive into the classic tracks that stand the test of time. As John shared in our recent chat, “My vision was to create stories. Not the regular promo session, with the last hot tunes.”

The beginning of his own story started before he was born, with his professional opera singer, piano player and music teacher mother infusing him with a love of classical music. As he grew up, the synth sounds of the 80’s were introduced into the mix by his older sister, creating within him a unique perspective on the intricacies and emotions from a variety of musical styles. This served him well as he began to work his way through Argentina’s underground electronic music world, finding inspiration from DJs like Danny Tenaglia, Satoshi Tomie, Hernán Cattaneo, John Digweed and Martín García to take his own music to deeper levels.