Andre Crom: Off the Safe Path & Into the World

Change is often a necessity in the electronic music industry, where staying fresh and energized is vital to keeping creatively motivated and passionate. For Andre Crom, who was constantly touring the globe as a DJ while simultaneously running the busy OFF Recordings label, his need for a change was evident. Through altering his direction, focus, style, and even location, Andre was able to find that renewal he was looking for, and deliver with exciting new music that leaves an impact.

One of the driving factors behind this new direction was the desire to spend more time in the studio, creating his own distinctive style that would define him as an artist. While the feeling to put more focus on production evolved within him, Andre discovered a coinciding adaptation to a strong techno sound, one that he had been beginning to explore in the studio and in front of fresh crowds. His recently released Rhea EP has proven this to be a successful venture, already hitting listeners hard through its immersive and energetic substance and energy. Through the feedback from peers and audiences alike, it is evident that this direction has been part of a rewarding process that will continue to support Andre’s many roles in the electronic music industry.

However with changes come challenges, and Andre Crom opens up to take us through his pathway to discovering his current sound, while giving his perspective on what it takes to find success through your own creative explorations.

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