FRISKY Nightlife: La Boite Keeps Tucuman’s Underground Scene Going Strong

I first learned about La Boite during an interview with Gerardo Boscarino, where he mentioned it as one of the highest regarded clubs in the Argentinean nightlife scene:

“This is a club that has been around for 10 years now, and every year has been better than the last. I haven’t met a DJ that has played La Boite and has left unsatisfied, so I would put La Boite at the number 1 spot on my list.”

With a compliment like that, I had to learn more about a club that could be so outstanding in a region that sees so much underground electronic music, both from local and international DJs. I caught up with La Boite’s owner Eduardo Meson, who provided insight into the history and current state of the Argentinean nightlife, and what is coming up next for this special venue.

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