Mikael Delta on How Music Can Transform Our Lives

Mikael Delta is intertwined with the evolution of electronic music, a globally influential Greek artist who has been changing the aural landscape for over 20 years. The messages and energy that he shares through his layered and thoughtful music transcends the usual, taking listeners deep into their own stories and revealing the universal connection we all share.

Mikael’s music career began in 1994 as a member the band Stereo Nova, who caught the attention of MTV Europe. His solo releases “The Picture” on Belgian techno label R & S Records, and “Blue Emotions” on Glasgow Underground Records, solidified his place as a name to look out for across Europe and beyond. His 2001 album “Halcyon Days” released by French label Distance Records hit the best albums of the year list, with “Vulnerable” following soon after, making Mikael even more widely known as a producer. His production schedule hasn’t slowed down since, as Mikael continued to release albums in 2004 (“Dancing with an Angel”), 2005 (“Deep Inside”), 2006 (“Timeless Beauty”), 2007 (“Forbidden Poetry”), 2010 (“Tech Me Away”) and 2014 (“Inner City Light”) with many individual releases and EPs, compositions for films, theatre, and for the European Games Ceremony. His most recent album release “Life is Now” continues Mikael’s journey, proving that his musical talent and passion continues to thrive.

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