Finding Flow: The Science & Magic Behind the DJ’s Holy Grail

Flow is a term we often hear in connection with electronic music, used to describe the quality of a track, or to explain a special experience when seeing a DJ perform live. Although not limited to only electronic music, we find that flow is especially connected to it through multiple levels.

Flow begins within each track. A smooth progression from start to finish, a rhythm that inspires movement, and the sensation of getting lost in the moment while listening, are all qualities that describe a track’s “flow”. Producing music that has flow is a vital part of the electronic music process. From there it’s in the DJ’s control to take it further.

The power of a skilled DJ is to create and lead the flow of an entire crowd, to bring the energy of everyone in the audience to a new level by connecting the individual sonic pieces to create something powerful and hypnotic. They use the flow of the music to inspire a flow state, to build an incomparable experience by using each track and combinations of sounds to form an energy that unites every one listening within a moment of magic.

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