Graziano Raffa on Managing Sudbeat, Balancing Life, and Why Music Makes People Better

Only one who has limitless passion for the music will find a way to balance between working for the business side of the industry, and living life as an artist. Graziano Raffa is one of those people, able to spend the time, effort, and enthusiasm to take on the job of label manager for Hernan Cattaneo’s Sudbeat Music, while also continuing to excel at his own career as a DJ and producer. Since his beginnings in the Italian techno scene, where he was able to experience the underground electronic music business from the inside out, Graziano has combined his knowledge and experience of the industry with his desire for sharing the music that he loves.

The balance found in Graziano Raffa’s career can also be heard in his music, his FRISKY show Southside features a dynamic blend of Progressive and Tech, with combinations of style and sound that unite in a coherent and distinctive message.

It was truly great to catch up with Graziano, to find out what it’s like to be in charge of such a hard working label, and to learn about his personal perspectives and philosophies. I think you will enjoy it too:

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