Karsten Sollors – A 5 Mag Mix vol 60

It’s a testament to Karsten Sollors’ unyielding passion for the music that through his decades of DJing and producing, his musical influence continues to expand. Recognized for the soulful and sincere energy which he transmits, his music inevitably enhances the surrounding atmosphere, with rhythm, flow, and emotion a vital part of the story he tells. His experiences DJing across the North American festival circuit and residency at Sound-Bar in Chicago have introduced many house music lovers to his signature sound, while his work in the studio has connected him with some of the most legendary labels in the industry including Toolroom Records, UNDR THE RADR, Street King, Nervous and Farris Wheel Recordings. With a home base in Chicago and a new release just signed to Nervous, it’s evident that Karsten’s ever expanding role in the industry will continue to make an impact for years to come.

Karsten provided 5 Mag with an exclusive 90 minute mix, featuring some of his favorite fresh tracks including one of his latest productions. On a mission to transmit music that flows without restriction or labels, Karsten brings it all with this featured mix.

His innate desire to bring good vibes is not only experienced through his music, but through his words, and it was a total pleasure to catch up with him to get some insight into his world.

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