Our Underground Electronic Music Community: A Reflection

Never did I feel this stronger than at ADE, when I got to meet and speak to so many people face to face, and truly feel that connection that has us interwoven in indescribable ways. I will catch up with a full recap of the events soon, but wanted to take this moment, with my own little soap box, to say how grateful I am to be a part of something so special.

To those who met with me, shared their stories and listened to mine, it meant and felt like the world to me. I’m going to make an assumption that many of you are similar; this music is your world and relating to others outside of it is missing a connection with the thing that is deepest in your soul. For me, I’ve always been a bit of an outsider, never quite feeling like I fit in with the rest of the crowd. When I first discovered this music, I felt like I was coming home to a place where I belonged, just by listening to it. To connect so honestly and lovingly with those who feel the same is like discovering your long lost family, one who has been spread throughout the planet, listening to the same stories and following the same journeys on their own. I feel as if I cannot thank you enough, for joining me on the dance floor, for the hugs, and warmth, and happy conversations that I wished would never end.

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