Sounds like Selador: Go behind the scenes to celebrate the label’s 50th release

To be a stand-out label that can be relied upon for consistent top quality is rare these days, but through their first three years, Dave Seaman and Steve Parry have managed to maintain and even expand on their influence in the underground music landscape through Selador Recordings. With a catalog of releases that continuously provide that something special, you can rifle through the Selador Recordings discography and keep finding gems over and over again. From Dave Seaman’s Justified Replacement of Lulu, Steve Parry’s Apricity, Quivver’s Wait for You, Habishman’s The Way, Robert Babicz’s One Day We’ll All Be Happy… the list of tracks that grab your attention and beg for repeat listens goes on and on. Not only do they manage a busy schedule of performing, producing, and managing, they seem like they’re having a pretty fun time doing it.

With their upcoming Nightfalls marking the 50th release, we catch up with Dave Seaman and Steve Parry to hear all about it:

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