The Value of Vinyl: Revisiting the Past to Improve the Future

Although vinyl continues to be a popular medium for audiophiles and collectors, the record has long lost its place with the DJ, the disc jockey moniker a description of a skill no longer required for the position. There are many things to appreciate about that: no need to carry cases of records, a plethora of music available in an instant, new tracks released daily. No worries about matching beats. Electronic music is now much more accessible to everyone: easier to mix, easier to find, easier to produce.

Of course, easier isn’t necessarily better… or necessarily worse. It’s a different landscape, one that will continuously change as the scene, technology, and industry progresses. Although vinyl will likely never repeat as the main resource for DJs, there is still much from that era that we can learn and apply to today, with a goal of enhancing the underground electronic music experience for everyone.

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