Will Silencing Noise Complaints Stop Clubs From Closing?

There are a multitude of reasons why night clubs have been in decline for the last decade, from a change in culture, the proliferation of festivals, to stricter regulations, all influencing the ability of a long standing club to continue to function. One of the most direct reasons is clubs being forced to close as their neighborhoods change. With inner cities becoming “up & coming” residential neighborhoods, suddenly clubs are being kicked out of the very communities they had formed for generations.

Noise complaint lawsuits has become a large issue for nightlife businesses. When residential buildings are built within neighborhoods that were previously industrial or commercial, suddenly the club that has been successfully running for decades becomes a “nuisance” in the eyes of the new residents. Even as neighborhoods are built and potential residents are drawn in by the idea of a “culturally vibrant” area, the music that has established that culture of that community becomes no longer welcome.

To combat this growing issue, city residents and industry heads have been working together to create policies that benefit everyone involved. What seems a simple solution becomes complex when money, pride, and policy become involved. Fortunately positive changes have been happening in several cities, with more hopefully following their example soon.

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