Unquenchable: Cassy, the 5 Mag Interview

Radiating passion, strength and dedication, Cassy is one of the most remarkable figures in the house and techno scene.

Growing up around music that varied from Chaka Khan to Sade, The Cure to Sun Ra, all while learning guitar and performing in a traditional Austrian children’s choir, Cassy’s distinctive style developed through her unique upbringing and diverse musical exposure.

After experiencing the emerging techno scene of Vienna in the early ’90s, Cassy’s musical energy became focused on the all-encompassing sounds of artists like Kruder & Dorfmeister and labels such as Gilles Peterson’s influential Talkin’ Loud. It was enough to draw her back to Vienna after she had moved to London to study drama, knowing that this was the path she needed to take. After recording vocals for electronic music and beginning to collect and spin records, the obsession took complete hold, and Cassy followed the lead of mentors who included Electric Indigo, Acid Maria, and Miss Kitten.

These early influences from a variety of genres shaped a deep and connective DJ style that has characterized Cassy’s career and lead her to great success across the industry. Her many years of residencies in venues that include Panorama Bar in Berlin, Rex Club in Paris, and Cocoon in Ibiza solidified her talent for directing the crowd, showcasing her ability to take the dance floor on a journey night after night. She took that depth of experience to her own productions, bringing an experimental, creative, no-restrictions attitude to her tracks, which reflects her personality perfectly: adamantly authentic and wonderfully fresh.

To add to her list of industry accomplishments, her new label Kwench has been setting itself apart through a unique premise. Each Kwench release is a collaborative endeavor between two or more artists. Characterized by honest, upfront dance music, Kwench 004, for instance, is a collaboration between herself and Pete Moss called “You Gotta Know Pt 1,” featuring a remix by Ron Trent. While each artist on the label is one that has influenced or inspired her throughout her career, she encourages them to experiment and do what comes naturally to them, and above all – to trust in themselves and their instincts.

This advice is one that Cassy has followed herself throughout her career, always staying true to and trusting in her own choices, something that I greatly appreciated learning about from her. It is always a pleasure to talk to someone who is so in tune with their own thoughts and not afraid to share their feelings, knowing that the validity behind them is backed up by their own truth. With a future that has Cassy doing more and more endeavors solely for her own self, just being her “own me,” this attitude means that no matter what is to come, it will definitely be something special.

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