Adventures with Nick Muir: Kuala Lumpur, Canada, and the Origin of Floorjam

Nick Muir has been busy. From traveling through the Sumatran jungle to diving into the studio, this year has been full of wild adventures with deep underground music as his soundtrack. Releases on labels including Krafted Underground, Perspectives Digital, and of course Bedrock, have been keeping the production side thriving while his gigs in locations like Belgrade, Buenos Aires, and Bristol keep the crowds in tune with what’s going on. One thing is for sure: no matter where he is, Nick Muir always brings the best of the underground – the community, the energy, the music – with him.

Fortunately at FRISKY we get to catch up with Nick all year long through his show Floorjam. Always distinctive and driving, Floorjam brings that dance floor filling vibe to the airwaves on every episode. Celebrating 6 years on FRISKY with the next episode airing on September 24th, Floorjam continues to be a consistent source for exceptional sounds. And while so much has changed in the past 6 years, the show has continuously showcased Nick’s unyielding passion for pursuing and sharing all that’s fresh and fulfilling in electronic music.

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