Intrigue, Curiosity, and Stories from the NYC Underground with Domingo Cava

If you’ve had the pleasure of listening to Domingo Cava’s mixes on Sullivan Room Sessions, you know what it’s like to take a trip into his world. This is music designed to capture your imagination, to get you to surrender to the moment, to pay attention. Emotion and intrigue are evident in the selections and evolution of his mixes, mixes that transport you through dark and light, dreamy and grounded. It’s clear that Domingo’s music is coming from a place deep within, and that he isn’t holding anything back.

As “an advocate and a guardian of the city’s underground scene”, Domingo Cava’s connection to New York has been developing for decades, influencing his style as he gives back through his own distinctive sonic perspective. Playing at renowned venues including Output, Dance.Here.Now, Verboten, Cielo, Rough & Tumble, TBA, The National Underground, and of course Sullivan Room, his desire to create amazing experiences that energize and connect has made an impact on many timeless nights.

On the production side, as a passionate sound enthusiast, Domingo creates tracks that are detailed, emotional, and fascinating. His third EP “Random Choice Generator” was just released on September 4th – a dark and mysterious excursion featuring strong beats and cosmic hooks, perfect for the dark, gritty underground.

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