The Magic of the Journey with Marcelo Vasami

When listening to a Marcelo Vasami set, it is clear that he takes to heart the art of mixing. His aim is not to get in and get out with a bang, but to utilize the power of progression to fuel a continuously growing passion within the crowd. This requires a patience and appreciation for the individual elements that make up the entire experience, something that is not missed by audiences who come to see him play around the world. For him the power is truly in the journey, whether that’s in the music itself or in the adventures he takes across the globe because of it.

In this year alone he has been to the US, India, Amsterdam, Budapest, Barcelona, Beruit, and Buenos Aires, with Sri Lanka, Kuala Lumpur, and more on the way. It’s a good thing he loves to tour. I was excited to have the opportunity to see him play in Miami and to learn more about his thoughts on the music scene and what it is that drives him. A kind and open hearted spirit, it is as much a pleasure to speak with Marcelo as it is to listen to his music. What I discovered was that the idea that you can get to know someone through their music is absolutely true in his case – his love for flow, connection, and keeping it real is transmitted through his life and through his sets.

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