The Trials & Tribulations of Lonely C

Lonely C is not so lonely lately. While Charles Levine aka Lonely C’s work on his debut solo album Charles & Tribulations meant spending time apart from his Soul Clap partner Eli Goldstein, it was a chance for him to connect not only with new musicians, but to reconnect with himself.

Charles & Tribulations was written and recorded over five years of challenges and complications, questions of identity, love and relationships, and the highs and lows of touring, all while trying to find balance throughout the process. The completion of the album has offered Lonely C a chance to reflect on his personal story in the way he knows best: through music.

His touch is on every aspect of the album; as a vocalist, programmer, arranger and instrumentalist, Lonely C has taken complete creative control of this passion-filled project. Creative control means knowing when to open the door too, and guest artists Morgan Wiley, Kendra Foster, Greg Paulus, Sa’D “The Hourchild” Ali and Caito Sanchez each brought something special to complete the album through a shared love for its message and sound.

With a half-decade of experiences captured in the words, emotions, and rhythms of Charles & Tribulations, Lonely C is feeling free and flowing, and ready to bring on what’s next. It was a pleasure to catch up with him to learn more, as he continues to follow the music into the future.