Empathy Machine Encourages You to Smile, Dance & Be Empathic with their Debut EP "Music for the Video Game of Your Life"

It's the stories within the music which keep it in our minds, returning us back to special moments or connecting us with a feeling that's greater than ourselves. For Empathy Machine, this is a vital part of their driving force as musicians, showcased in the layers of thought and energy that has been put into their Debut EP "Music for the Video Game of Your Life". With an ever present motive to encourage people to "smile, dance and be empathic," Empathy Machine uses their music to share the messages which have been important to them throughout their lives.

Beginning in Bogota and having lived in Madrid, Sydney, Barcelona, London, and now landing in Berlin, the band members Simon, Jimmy, and Dan have accumulated many lessons which have influenced the direction of their creativity. Some of these lessons are expressed in their premiere EP through tracks like “The Commitment” which is about being aware of compromises and making a commitment to excellence, "Stranger Love" which tells of a universal love in recognition of our oneness, and "Velvet Denim" which celebrates that special flame of life shared between friends. Their lead track "Emma" describes the magic of the moment as can best be expressed through electronic music - that sense of freedom that comes from letting go of all the surrounding nonsense and discovering how good it feels to dance to your own rhythm. EMMA captures what Empathy Machine wants everyone to experience; a way to find their own story reflected in the universal messages that music can provide.