Take a Journey into the Thriving Underground Electronic Music Scene of Thailand

While it’s a popular destination for tourists from around the world, renowned for its beautiful natural wonders, ancient temples, delicious food and friendly people, what brings us to Thailand this time around is a journey into the underground. Thailand’s underground electronic music scene offers more than the expected, having evolved from what was once an EDM or mainstream heavy environment into a diverse music community with plenty of opportunities for local and touring DJs to play to educated and enthusiastic underground crowds.

Those who have put the work into evolving Thailand’s nightlife are excited to see just how far it has progressed. Kuroten, who has been a part of the South East Asian Underground scene for many years mentions that his “favourite part about the electronic music scene here has to be that it is growing so rapidly.” while Dan Buri who has been hosting events at the renowned venue Glow Nightclub in Bangkok for almost decade, also shares that he loves “that the scene is flourishing now after so many years of dedication and hard work.” Graham Gold, who has been DJing since 1980 keeps it straight forward as he tells us: “Best part – it’s getting bigger!”

The growth of an electronic music scene can sometimes mean that it’s heading in a commercial direction, but for Thailands DJs it means that more people have ventured into the underground, and genres like deep house, progressive, house, techno, tech house and minimal are now being heard across the country. The early closing hours and lower gig fees may be putting a bit of a damper on its expansion, but the welcoming atmosphere and eagerness of the fans for quality music is opening the door for local and touring DJs to play the music that they love to an ever-growing audience.

To showcase this thriving community, FRISKY Loves Thailand invited 5 of the country’s dedicated DJs to share the sound that has been driving their scene. Featuring Graham Gold, Suiss, Aneesh Medina, Dan Buri, and Kuroten, FRISKY will playing the best underground sounds of Thailand to provide listeners with a sense of what this unique country has to offer for music lovers everywhere. Beyond the surface of Thailand’s tropical landscapes and bustling cities is a pulsing underground full of rhythm, passion, fun, and a dance floor that’s waiting for you.

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