From DJ Collective to Global Community: Nie Wieder Schlafen Faces the Future of Music

volving organically from a Berlin-based DJ collective aimed at spreading the musical tastes of a like-minded group of friends into a distinctive label and global force for intelligent, emotional electronic music, Nie Wieder Schlafen represents the possibilities of what can be achieved when you work together with passion and purpose.

The biggest purpose I see is bringing like-minded people together, to share emotion, opinions, and experience… We truly believe sharing and passing on what you know, is the most fulfilling purpose of life and this project as well.


Beginning as a hobby that would allow the collective of DJs an avenue for expressing and sharing what they love, Nie Wieder Schlafen began to expand as the team started receiving music from others who were inspired by the same energy. Some of the key aspects behind their musical tastes were being represented in these new connections; a fusion of complementary parts, exploration of new avenues, and dreamy hopefulness setting the atmosphere for what becoming a part of Nie Wieder Schlafen is all about. And all are welcome to be a part of it, with listeners sharing the same importance as the artists when it comes to creating magical musical moments at their events.

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