Bonobo: “It’s Less About the Stage, More About the Experience”

OUTLIER is coming to North America, transforming expectations of what an electronic music event experience is supposed be. Headed by the renowned musician Simon Green, better known as Bonobo, the series exemplifies his own musical perspective with creativity and experimentation as its driving forces. With several successful years of events in European festivals and venues, and the development of a radio show and a playlist curated by Bonobo himself, Outlier has been establishing its place in the industry while remaining open to continuous evolution.

Deciding to bring the series to North America was an idea that has been in the works for a while, as Bonobo was hoping to introduce a more “European style” event into areas where audiences would appreciate its concept and energy. Unique venues that set the scene for the unexpected were searched for, in cities whose established electronic music scenes would be open to experimenting with something new. As he shares with us:

“It’s been a thing I’ve been doing in Europe for a few years and it’s a thing we’ve always talked about doing, trying to get this thing together for North America and finding more interesting spaces to do it in. Not just the regular venues that everyone is used to going to.”

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