Jimpster: The Franc Spangler Chronicles

To still be passionate after three decades of making music is something many artists would love to experience. And while just how to accomplish that isn’t the same for everyone, Jamie Odell can give those seeking insight a glimpse into what it can take to reach that achievement. Finding your own balance, exploring different styles, and giving yourself new challenges are avenues to excellence that have been weaved throughout Jamie Odell’s career, one which has made his name known around the world. It’s not only his well-known moniker “Jimpster” which embodies those characteristics of longevity however, but as “Franc Spangler” he has created another outlet which helps to keep that passion flowing.

Following the lead of his label Delusions of Grandeur, Franc Spangler represents a more raw, underground sound that didn’t fit into his renowned Freerange Recordings. Franc became a way for him expand his sound without expectation, giving him the freedom to explore while creating the challenge of establishing a following that was free from fans’ preconceptions. After releases in 2010 and 2014, Franc will finally be making a re-appearance this August, bringing a fresh, fun, and “mighty-fine” EP with the long-awaited “Next to You.” The EP features a diverse trio of tracks that takes listeners through different moods with each selection, the spectrums of sounds providing something for anyone at anytime. With this other avenue for expression always available to access, Jamie Odell still finds a way to surprise and satisfy, his music continuing to make a lasting impact no matter the name behind it.

Providing us with a fresh mix and thoughtful insight into his music and life, it was a pleasure to catch up with “Franc Spangler” for 5 Mag.

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