Something Real: Peter Croce & the Story of Rocksteady Disco

Rocksteady Disco bridges the best of the industry’s past with the relevancy of the modern music scene, while featuring a combination of influences that have been brought together with a singular purpose. With this approach, the young imprint which was established only five years ago has the feel of a label that has been around for generations.

The Rocksteady Disco name is a nod to the roots of the soundsystem culture of reggae with a respect for the original spirit of the discotheque, a history that founder Peter Croce feels is vital for today’s music scene to recognize. Other elements which create a feeling of longevity include an emphasis on forging a collaborative artistic community, as well as using only local Detroit-based businesses to manufacture their records. Inspired by the “DIY ethic & diversity of the music culture of Detroit,” Peter has made relationship-building a vital part of Rocksteady Disco’s ethos, one that runs from the first introduction to the artist to the printing of the final product. With every EP released on vinyl, the dedication to the process and the people involved is evidence of Peter Croce’s mission to “do something timeless in this neoliberal consumption culture.”

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